《two complementary styles for a penthouse in Beijing 北京顶层公寓-两种风格的交融》
中文: 公寓一共有三层,我们试图让两种不同的氛围放在一起。在一楼塑造有几何雕塑感的氛围,饱和度低的颜色,直线线条设计缓解日常的压力,用自然的、宁静的植物增添生机。 二楼的设计旨在让其成为梦幻般的度假胜地。 天然的材料,温暖饱和度低的色彩,光线充足的阳光房,营造出度假的感觉。 一楼是一个开放空间,功能区块定义了不同的区域,颜色的设计营造出轻松宁静的氛围。用餐区,开放式厨房,烹饪区,起居区,客房和衣柜都是整个空间的一部分,通过透明的滑动门和墙分隔开。地板和天花板用不同的灰色分开。开放式厨房/用餐区设计成有雕塑感的整体,以其几何构图和不可思议的色彩回忆Giorgio Morandi的静谧风格。 二楼也是一个开放空间,没有门隔开主卧室,主浴室,工作室和步入式衣柜。对于这个楼层,我们使用了“泥板”的颜色,所有材料都尽可能质朴和自然。整体感觉让人想起热带度假村的气氛,非常舒适温暖。 Mutina的陶土砖在空间里创造了有趣的景观。墙壁是质朴的硅藻泥,地板采用精细纳米水泥,木地板和家具全部由天然木材和藤条网制成。床品和装饰品选用柔和的民族图案和天然质朴的面料。 英文: In this three-story apartment we tried to let coexist two different moods. At the first floor sculptural geometry, unsaturated colors, straight lines are designed to absorb daily stress and regenerate energies through peaceful, static, sill-nature like views. The second floor is designed to work as a getaway in a dreamlike mood. Natural materials warm unsaturated colors create a resort-like feeling which is completed by the big amount of light that gets in through the sun-room. The first floor is an open space where functional blocks define different areas, colors are designed to create a relaxing calm atmosphere. Dining area, open kitchen, cooking area, living area, guest room and its wardrobe are all part of a whole space, separated, when needed, by transparent sliding doors or simply by different shades of grey color on walls, floor or ceiling. The open kitchen/dining area is designed as a sculptural ensemble that recalls in its geometrical composition and unsaturated colors Giorgio Morandi's still nature. The second floor is also an open space with no doors separating the master bedroom, the master bathroom, the studio and the walk-in-closet. For this floor we have used the colors of the "mud palette" and all materials are as rustic and natural as possible. The overall feeling recalls tropical resort atmospheres being very comfortable and warm. Celosia terracotta tiles by Mutina create interesting views thorough the space. Walls are covered with rustic plaster, floors with natural fine resin, wood floor, and furniture all made in natural wood and rattan meshes. Ethnic patterns and natural rustic fabrics complete the bed and soft decoration.