《ARROW electronics (HONG KONG) 艾睿电子股份有限公司 (亚太区总部)》
The Arrow office based around planning, A special planning was designed by a new schematic design package contains a simple layout. "Infinity connection", a simple lighting rig and fresh mood, creating an intense focus for the office. In the words of the entrants. The main concept comes from our client. Arrow, is an electronics development company. Many brainstorming was inspired by the original logo, which use nine pieces of V-shape to combine. Because of different kind of department in one company, we hope that some elements of the logo can use in our design, like the smooth curve, the different size of degree. This idea is circuit board as part as different kinds of department, it creates a many cooperation by each group, in which provide a chance for client and staff to experience this package. 艾睿电子股份有限公司全球著名的半导体制造业商,他的客户有三星,微软及苹果等等的大企业,所以我司今次的概念以无尽的连接为主题,比喻公司内的不同部门及同事合作互动下,共同把公司业务推进高峰,创造出无尽的可能性。 今次的项目是ARROWelectronic在亚洲区所设立的最大型总部,位置于香港的科学园大楼2/F以及3/F。而2/F以及3/F主要入口的室内空间概念取自于电子板上结构,赋予空间的机能,更在垂直意像上,采用电子组织的「连接」概念,色调会以高光白色为主,再利用造型线条的渗光设计。令到入口区更加有引导性,提高品牌本身的理念。 在2层约占4000平方米的空间间隔上, 利用造型及灯光效果把每个独立的空间个体贯通成为一个主体,拉出视觉上线性的张力。2楼及3楼的开放式办公空间会以白色及浅灰系物料为底色,再利用不同颜色的扪布椅子点缀整及渗透了整个空间,而扪布颜色会以ARROW 内的颜色里挑选,利用扪布颜色区分不同的部门及职位,令到空间里变得更有层次感。 2/F 会议室色调会以白色,灰色及木色为主,形成了反差的对比,增强了整个空间的重量感。 再配合白色或浅灰色的会议椅,特显本身天花并合造型及一体化。 In visualization of hold office, it mainly used a white, brown, green color and glass partition which created a highly contrast inside the office. The material used wooden veneer combine the color tone and partition. It matching a white furniture to create a mood be more sense of weight. The general office uses an open-office, it can absorb more sky lighting. The working team rallied after the sunlight.