《TEC德事广州周大福金融中心办公室TEC Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre office》
德事TEC广州周大福金融中心项目,徳事再次与金碧携手,以东方及西方共融共生为出发点,关注材质、细节、人文、艺术,勾勒古典与现代风尚,着力打造现代、国际、高端的空间美学。 如前厅,隽永清新的三位古典美女,与现代石材的座椅及植物墙交相辉映。传统与当代艺术质感浑然相依,东方美人与西方咖啡吧台的争鲜斗艳,实现了一个独具质感的当代艺境空间。 对于共享办公空间来说,我们基于沟通交流、情感共鸣、功能使用等多维度诉求,打造多元来满足各界精英的不用使用要求。 Capturing the city’s dynamic spirit –the rich culture and history, vibrant street lights, fantastic modern architecture, sumptuous delicacies and exhilarating vibe! A lounge style village workspace equipped with a coffee bar, featuring mood lighting and a variety of seating fit for different work modes. Inspired by one of Guangzhou’s many nicknames. Infusing nature into the space such as greeneries, wood, and natural stone. Playing with lights from general to accent lighting to signage. The central feature of the village, a coffee bar integrated with a vertical garden and a collaboration area. Inspired by traditional Chinese villages in concrete bricks. A rich combination of floor finishes paying homage to Guangzhou’s rich history, art and culture. Exposed ceiling in raw concrete finish or black emulsion paint accentuated by gold-painted ducting, giving the space a casual luxe feel. Artworks depicting life in Southern China in the form of modern murals or tile work.