《AUSTIN私人订制personal tailor》
本案是一家专业量身定制成衣礼服的一家店,空间整体以黑灰色系基调,以金色为配色,形成一种默契又和谐的撞色点缀。成衣展示区以前挑空区域为主,后部空间以休闲、洽谈、工作为主。空间整体性强、处理手法简练、黑灰暗色加以空间的神秘而又幽静感受,从而提升整个店铺的设计品味。 This case is a specialized quantity body has custom-made the ready-made clothing formal clothes a family store, the spatial whole by the black gray is a main key, as matches colors take the golden color, forms one kind of tacit understanding harmoniously to hit the color embellishment.The ready-made clothing demonstrated area before selects the spatial region primarily, behind space by leisure, discussion, work primarily.The spatial integrity strong, the processing technique succinct, the black ash dark color performs the space mystical and also is lonesome and quiet feels, thus promotes the entire shop the design to savor.