《Fabric Wave 布舞》
By capturing the folding, twisting and turning moment of the fabric, the soft, rhythmic and continuous nature of the fabric defines the character of the space. 捕捉了布料折叠、扭曲和翻转的瞬间,空间主体皆是利用同一元素贯穿整个空间。让使用者有如受到轻柔的布料所围绕,成为更有趣、有故事性的体验。 空间以大量不规则曲面勾勒出视觉的第一印象,在色彩上以纯白呼应着尚未经过加工的布料最真实、最原始的样貌形态以强调布料的所呈现动感,也寓意着“等待设计者来为其添上色彩”。 These elements achieve a specific presence and style in the design of the reception desk, patterning area, display area, as well as the stage. Visitors to the site can immerse themselves in the unique experience of being surrounded by supple fabrics. A large number of curved surfaces form a strong impression of visual style. The pure white theme resonates with the unprocessed fabric inviting designers to add color and vitality to the scheme.