一个能放松自己,缓解工作压力的空间,那便是家。----设计者如是说 A place where you can relax yourself and relieve the stress from work, called home. ---The designer 在现今快节奏的生活状态下,家的设计承载着更多的可能,不仅是传统意义上的遮风避雨,更多的而是心灵上的放下。本案为设计师自宅,设计师通过锐意不凡的图形、比例、线条、色彩、质感等一切的介质,以回归本心的坚韧,试图探索着更多属于当代生活方式的表达。 Under the fast pace of life in the modern world, design for a house can carry more possibility, not only the traditional usage as a shelter, but also the rest room for soul. This house is owned by the designer, he wanted to explore more ways to express the modern life through all the medium as extraordinary drawings, scale, figures, colour, texture, etc.