《The marginal边际》
项目名称:The marginal边际 首席设计师:游世军 设计说明:整个设计构思由开始的框架到成型效果,一直非常顺畅,原因在于勘测现场之后得出结论,空间与空间互换,互补,互动。每一个空间看似独立,却又在某种意义上间接或者直接的交流互动,我们把空间采光面域极为舒适的部分让给起居室与客厅,在考虑互不影响的情况下,起居室既作为会客厅能通过沙发组合成为另一个休闲与临时客卧功能,在材质与空间感受上,尽可能满足通透带来的感受,通过自然光线贯穿整个空间,材质上也存在一些互动关系,混凝土过梁,餐桌水泥砖与卧室水泥自流平,餐厅灯饰与餐厅黄铜立柜,卧室黄铜边框落地穿衣镜,卧室软靠与家具,木作。深与浅之间来回变换。 项目位置:成都 中国 单位名称:独立设计师 客户姓名:何玉娇 团队成员:李明君 Project Name: The marginal margin Chief Designer: You Shijun Design Note: The whole design concept has been very smooth from the beginning of the frame to the forming effect. The reason is that after the survey site, it is concluded that space and space are interchanged, complementary and interactive. Each space seems to be independent, but in some sense, indirect or direct interaction, we give the living room and living room the extremely comfortable part of the space, and the living room is considered without affecting each other. As the living room can be combined into a leisure and temporary guest function through the sofa combination, in the material and space experience, as much as possible to meet the feeling of transparency, through the natural light throughout the space, there are some interactions in the material, concrete Cross-beam, table cement brick and bedroom cement self-leveling, dining room lighting and dining room brass cabinet, bedroom brass frame floor-to-ceiling mirror, bedroom soft and furniture, wood. Change back and forth between deep and shallow. Project Location: Chengdu, China Name of the unit: Independent designer Customer Name: He Yujiao Team member: Li Mingjun