此套设计作品是一家化妆品公司,占地一千平方。10多年来一直作为福建地区排名第一的跨境电商,企业专为女性化妆品行业服务。此套设计作品设计理念是把握“当代性”与“艺术性”展示潮流时代的都市时尚,结合以公司企业文化理念,充分展示以女性为主的经营特色,力求个性鲜明突出。打造出富有精致与浪漫气息的办公空间,给自主创业的女性提供一个轻松优雅的洽谈空间。 平面布局设计上,功能区域划分清晰,动线简洁流畅,并加入对称的曲线元素,利用曲线柔和且丰富了空间感;立面设计上,定粉色为主色,加以轻奢元素作为基调。从前厅、接待区、吧台区、洽谈区到办公区都通过造型元素的利用,令空间相互呼应贯通及渗透。 前厅由对称曲线构成,造型元素利用了玫瑰金与粉色护墙板,两种不同的粉色色调及不同的材质肌理形成层次感,圆形镂空做了品牌名称logo处理,弧形的玻璃材质的运用,过渡了良好的自然光线,使空间相互紧扣。 ?洽谈区大面积的粉色与白色护墙板加上白色大理石的搭配,简约而精致,绚丽而明媚。白纱窗帘将公共空间隔断成一个个独立小空间,令空间浸透着阳光,散发出柔美的光芒。给予了每个客户独立的洽谈空间,却不显沉闷狭隘,空间明亮而轻快。 ? 玫瑰金与大理石完美的组合,令吧台区也不失为一处亮点。此处金属质感的注入让整个空间增加了精致感,点缀了空间使空间层次丰富,包柱用了镜面的材质,拓宽了空间感,与玫瑰金相辅相成,细节决定品质,每一处细节元素并非无故堆砌。 ? ? 办公室打破了以往的沉闷,做了一处小吧台,利用绿植墙增强跳跃感,创造了清新自然的氛围。金属线条加上灰色沙发打造出优雅、低调、舒适办公空间。各个空间相互连接呼应,空间拆分开来却也各具特色。 This design work is a cosmetics company, covering an area of one thousand square meters. For more than 10 years, it has been ranked as the number one cross-border e-commerce company in Fujian, and the company specializes in serving the women's cosmetics industry. The design concept of this set of design works is to grasp the urban fashion of "contemporary" and "artistic" in the trend era, combined with the company's corporate culture concept, fully display the business characteristics of women-oriented, and strive to highlight the individuality. Create an office space with exquisite and romantic atmosphere, and provide a relaxed and elegant negotiation space for women who are self-employed.        In the layout design, the functional area is clearly divided, the moving line is simple and smooth, and the symmetrical curve elements are added, and the curve is soft and enriched with the sense of space; the façade design is set with the main color of pink and the light luxury element as the keynote. From the front hall, reception area, bar area, negotiation area to office area, the use of modeling elements makes the space echo and penetrate.        The front hall is made up of symmetrical curves. The styling elements use rose gold and pink wainscots. The two different pink tones and different textures form a layered texture. The round cutouts are brand name logo processing, curved glass material. The use of, the transition to a good natural light, so that the space is closely linked.       The large area of pink and white siding and white marble in the negotiation area is simple and exquisite, beautiful and bright. The white gauze curtains divide the public space into separate small spaces, so that the space is saturated with the sunlight and emits a feminine light. Each customer is given an independent negotiation space, but it is not dull and narrow, and the space is bright and brisk.     The perfect combination of rose gold and marble makes the bar area a highlight. Here, the injection of metal texture adds a sense of exquisiteness to the whole space. The space is enriched with space. The material of the column is mirrored, which broadens the sense of space and complements the rose gold. The details determine the quality. Every detail is not Stacked for no reason.   The office broke the boring past and made a small bar, using the green wall to enhance the sense of jumping and creating a fresh and natural atmosphere. Metal lines and grey sofas create an elegant, understated, comfortable office space. The spaces are interconnected and the spaces are separated and unique.