• 折-灯 Z-LAMP
    “ 拉开一颗灯泡,拍下一次晚安 ” “Draw on the light, have a nighty night” Z - LAMP 是一款通过拉伸与折叠控制灯光变化的交互型小夜灯。” Z ”来自中文的 “折”,同时是产品形式的核心符号!用“折叠与拉伸”代替灯的开关,使拉伸长度和灯光照度形成视觉与行为的同步,以另一种交互方式打开一盏灯。拉伸长度=灯光亮度,尺度由用户决定,给生活带来更多的乐趣与可玩性。 Z-lamp is an interactive nighty light with using pulling and folding to control the changes of the light. “Z” stands for “Zhe”, which means “fold” in Chinese language, it is also the core symbol of the product. Z-Lamp uses an another interactive way to turn on the light: “Fold & Draw” to replace the switch, to makes the lengths and the lighting levels have the synchrony with the visual and the behave. Scale length= light intensity, the scale is determined by the users, to bring more fun and playability to life.

  • 成都融侨悦蓉城 Chengdu Rongqiao Yue Rong City
    作品风格上将民族底蕴与现代时尚相结合。大型白色旋转楼梯踏步设计是此空间的设计亮点,简洁流畅的线条,犹如一把打开的折扇。不仅给人一种视觉的享受,同时也扩展了空间的视觉冲击力。 将其打造成一个具有休闲节奏、社交娱乐、家庭生活的多元化的城市生活空间。风格将冷绿穿梭于高级时尚与建筑绘画之间,蕴含着进退之间的张力。四层的垂直大平面空间满足了多样化的居住需求,不仅丰富了生活的享受,也拓展了空间的功能性。装饰材料主要以亚克力、纸板、成品服装材料制作成挂画。营造优雅宁静的生活氛围,延续城市现代艺术的设计理念,让客户向往美好的生活。 The work style will be the national heritage and modern fashion combination. Large white rotating stair step design is the design highlight of this space, simple and smooth lines, like an open folding fan. Not only give a person a kind of visual enjoyment, but also expand the visual impact of the space.The powerful visual impact left a deep impression on foreign visitors and attracted many customers. It will be built into a diversified urban leisure living space with line rhythm, social entertainment and family life. The style will be cold green shuttle between high fashion and architectural painting, contains the tension between advance and retreat. The vertical large flat space on the fourth floor meets the diversified living requirements, which not only enriches the enjoyment of life, but also expands the functionality of the space. Decoration materials mainly to acrylic, cardboard, finished clothing materials to make a hanging painting. Creating elegant and quiet living atmosphere and continuing the design concept of urban modern art leave customers yearning for a better life.

  • 自由芯 RELIFE
    自由芯是个可更换画芯、自由DIY装饰配件的装饰画。它的画芯分为金属画板和磁性油画布的组合,金属画板与产品底盘内面上的7个强力磁铁点形成吸附关系,磁性油画布与金属面板形成吸附关系。该产品创新性地改变了传统装饰画的组装结构,解决了主流装饰画框体结构不易更换画芯的问题。自由组搭地装饰配件延展了装饰画的艺术表现力,让用户参与创意和表达,增强了产品的互动体验。产品底盘采用透光的塑料材质,内部设置了5种可变色彩的灯光,不仅增强了画的装饰效果,更增加了营造氛围的作用,可以满足和实现用户对特定生活场景的需求。该产品改变装饰画行业长期存在的框、裱方式,改变了画芯不能任意更换的问题。对行业来说具有创新启示的价值。 Nowadays, the widely used decorative picture cores can’t be replaced or they are inconvenient to be replaced. If the whole set of a decorative picture is replaced, it needs high costs and will cause secondary damage to the wall. In daily life, the decorative pictures in our house gradually become furnishings with aesthetic numbness. Users replace ideas and appeal of pictures in different stages, so as to express their imagination on the life situation. This product changes the problems that frames and mounting always exist in the decorative picture industry and the core can’t be replaced arbitrarily. To the industry, it has the value of innovation and enlightenment. The product can meet the diversified and specific demands of users’ life scenes, such as birthday, wedding anniversary, and Christmas, thus it helps users to easily express their life emotions and images, so as to improve people’s happiness, pleasure, and enjoyment. The attribute of replacing the product’s core avoids from the overall replacement. The decorative style can be changed with lower losses. In this way, it effectively prevents waste and shows green environmental protection. The decorative pictures with the flexible core and free DIY ornamental parts. This product can easily replace the core at a low cost. It can greatly improve user participation behavior and it is also filled with free expression imagination. Target users: 20-35 years old, first-tier and third-tier city women.Fashion, personality, and living with passion. Strive for life enjoyment and situation.

  • 蓝色孤独 Lonely
    扭蛋机、药丸、拼图、火柴、塑料、娃娃机、俄罗斯套娃 所有插画元素都是为了探讨现代高压社会下,人们在焦虑的驱使下感受孤独的场景。 All the illustration elements are designed to explore the loneliness of people driven by anxiety in the modern high-pressure society

  • “集”SENSE
    灵感来自圣托里尼Istoria酒店,有的时候美好的事物从眼睛里略过的一瞬间便会让人心驰神往,若不能立刻在她面前,那便把她画出来,这应该是作为一个设计师对美好事物另类的执着。 SENSE STUDIO “集”美发工作室作为一群热爱行业的年轻创业者共同创立的品牌, 不同于普通的商业空间,她脱离了传统的闹市商业区,把自己隐藏在边缘小区的点式楼里,依然掩盖不住自身的商业价值。 我们并没有把她当做一个传统品类的商业空间来设计,在满足了基本功能之后,我们更注重于她的艺术表达和情感交互,我们希望所有的人在这个空间内能得到理发之外的惊喜。 空间规划上我们并没有做太复杂的动线,我们想表达直接的交互方式,等待,更衣,洗头,剪发,一气呵成。 我们更注重于让说有的人坐在这个空间内的任何一个角度,都能感受到美好事物很直接的视觉传达。 保留原有的旧建筑的肌理,与新材质的糅合,产生不一样的化学反应,她可能是矛盾,是对峙,最后是依存。 The inspiration comes from Istoria hotel in Santorini.Sometimes, the moment of wonderful things skipping ahead attracts us a lot.If you can not stand in front of her immediately,Then you can draw her out.That’s the designer’s special insistence for niceness. SENSE, as a co-founded brand with young entrepreneurs who love hairdressing,Is different from ordinary commercial space. She separates herself from downtown business districts and hides in point-type buildings of marginal districts. But that can not hide its own commercial value. We don’t take it as a traditional commercial space designed. Besides the necessary functions, we pay more attention to her artful expressiveness and emotional interaction. We hope all the people can get more surprises except hairdressing itself. We did not do complicated moving lines in spatial planning. What we want to express are directed interactions, such as waiting, changing clothes,washing head and hairdressing, writing at one’s stretch. And what we focus more on is that we make all the people at any corner in this space can enjoy niceness directly. Retaining all the old building’s texture and mixing together new materials can produce a different chemical reaction. Maybe she is contradictory, she is opposed, but they are dependent in the end.

  • 症-question
    系列作品以痛为主题,结合当今社会自然存在的种种现状作为内容, 三本书籍分别以人类、社会、自然为题材,结合概念书籍的特殊表 现形式进行设计,在书籍材质和设计上都结合了主题进行创新,无 论从视觉感受还是阅读体验上都能带来不同的体验,希望通过这系 列作品,让人在阅读的过程中,与书籍产生共鸣,通过内容激发人 的共情,通过文字内容题材 ,呼吁人们意识到社会、人类、自然存 在的种种不可忽视的问题,让人类、社会、自然更和谐,更稳定。The theme of the series is pain, and the content of the three books is human, society and nature. The three books are designed with the theme of human, society and nature, combined with the special expression form of concept books. In the book material and design, they are combined with the theme for innovation From the visual experience or reading experience can bring different experience, hope that through this series of works, let people in the process of reading, resonate with books, stimulate people's empathy through the content, and appeal to people to realize the society, human beings and natural existence through the text content theme All kinds of problems that can not be ignored in the world make human, society and nature more harmonious and stable.

  • JE 北京餐厅 JE Beijing Restaurant
    结庐人境,美馔当前,无论中式还是西式,不拘古典还是现代,好的设计就是将食与境合一。“先锋设计兼备有仪式感体验的时尚空间”是餐厅主理人Iris对品牌的要求,思维碰撞下,该项目的设计灵感由此诞生。 东方美学中,设计讲求和而不同。设计师采用了清水混凝土外立面,内敛淡然,灯光的运用让建筑的肌理显现,浑然散发先锋美术馆般的高级气场。 不破不立,设计师将原始空间的楼板拆除,在宏大空间内设置了一个金属楼梯,扶摇而上,连通二层室外露台,令整体动线颇有皇家庭园廊桥缦回移步换景感。楼梯的色彩是华夏的红,形意源自缎带,其上的灯光则如金丝线勾勒,挺立空间内,它本身就是一件美学雕塑品。这条统领整个空间的“中国红飘带”一出,质感饱满,一以贯之,令空间极富张力。刚与柔,热烈与璞实,宁静与奔放,于此达之平衡。 头顶的纱幔式样的玻璃灯具是曲线元素的延伸,以形意柔化空间,消解水泥与金属带来的刚性冷峻,契合用餐空间的氛围调度。 红色楼梯做灵魂,空间也被区隔出精致的层次。目之所及,没有生硬的遮挡,半围合空间是以中式院落为灵感而来。籍由矮墙、高背沙发,不同形状的桌椅搭配,甚至是光影,在整体布局中自然形成小景聚落,其多重氛围也契合了不同用餐场景所需。 品牌对食物的态度,寓东方神韵于内,形意不拘一格;而空间的设计亦是如此,“红飘带”是灵魂所在,非对称布局之中,中式、西式元素圆融组合,令每一食刻皆不凡,真正演绎了食境合一的现代餐饮空间趋势。 Nowadays, when we head out for food, we don’t mind whether it is Chinese or Western, whether it is classical or modern, we just enjoy it. And a good designer could combine culinary style and environment firmly. Iris , the host of JE Beijing, hopes to create the restaurant into a designed space that is both artistic and practical. Based on it,our designer played his talent to the full. In oriental aesthetics, designing is about achieving overall harmonious, and respects differences in the same time. The concrete facade of JE Beijing is restrained and elegant. Under the proper light, the texture of the building appears, and it exudes an advanced aura like a fancy Museum. The designer removed the floor of the original space and set up a metal staircase in the grand space, swaying upwards, connected to the second-floor outdoor terrace. The color of the staircase is oriental red, and the shape is derived from the ribbon. The lights on it is sketched like a golden thread. Standing upright in the space is itself an aesthetic sculpture. This "Oriental red ribbon" leads the entire space, pretty charming and gathers all the attention. And let it became a dynamic space. Rigidity and softness, warmth and simplicity, tranquility and unrestrained balance are achieved here. The veil-like glass lamps above the head soften the space in a way. And it dissolve the rigidity and coldness brought by cement and metal in the space, and fit the atmosphere scheduling of the dining space. On the wall above the dark green sofa, the designer uses glass bricks and cement bricks. Extremely rough ones and extremely delicate ones show up together, and gives the second "skin" of the space a rich possibility under

  • 云端之城-High In The Clouds
    当耸入云霄的建筑与庄严堂皇的律法相遇,圣钟长鸣,钟灵毓秀。 广东环球经纬律师事务所新办公室位于猎德桥畔,俯视整个珠江新城。 在项目设计上设计师提取广东环球经纬律师事务所的核心理念“环球视野,本土智慧。”两大概念为基调,借助直达天际的高度开拓眼界,毗邻珠江的开阔放宽视野,以珠江千年历史智慧的沉淀与集学识大成的法典,赋予格局与智慧。 环球之上、经纬之间、法律之巅均在云端,打造一座视觉与内涵两相对应的“云端之城”,端正稳健,又不失亲和。 When the building that rises to the sky meets the majestic law, the bell is ringing and the bell is graceful. The new office of guangdong global economic & latitude law firm is located by lede bridge overlooking the pearl river new town. In the design of the project, the designer extracted the core concept of guangdong global law firm, "global vision, local wisdom". Two concepts as the keynote, with the height of reaching the sky to broaden the horizon, adjacent to the pearl river to broaden the horizon, with the pearl river millennium historical wisdom precipitation and collection of knowledge into the code, endow pattern and wisdom. Above the globe, between the longitude and latitude, the top of the law are in the cloud, to create a visual and connotation of the two corresponding "cloud city", correct and stable, but not friendly.

  • 原创周边 Original peripheral
    ZERO BLUE是一个成立于意大利都灵集视觉/ 策划/摄影/视频/文创的年轻品牌,品牌主理人将传统手工艺改良后用现代语言与当代年轻人对话,并设计出一系列延伸品的新型创意性内容.手机壳内容灵感来源于身边朋友对于好玩有趣内容的喜爱和对独特性产品的消费趋势.比如,咸鱼翻身和具象的产品视觉感受,独特审美好玩有趣,符合当下千禧年代的创新. Zero blue is a young brand founded in Turin, Italy, which integrates vision / planning / Photography / video / cultural innovation. The brand manager improves traditional handicrafts and uses modern language to talk with contemporary young people, And design a series of new creative content of extension products. The content of mobile phone shell is inspired by the love of friends around for fun and interesting content and the consumption trend of unique products. For example, the visual experience of saltfish turning over and concrete products, unique aesthetic fun and interesting, in line with the innovation of the current millennium.

  • realme Buds Q
    realme Buds Q由著名爱马仕家居设计师Jose Levy打造,以鹅卵石为灵感,赋予其全曲线设计、前所未有至美拟物化造型,佩戴舒适,符合人体工学。得益于PC+ABS 高分子复合材料及精简内部结构,单个耳机轻至3.6克,且磨砂质感的表面极具高级感。 Inspired by cobble, the renowned Hermès home designer, Jose Levy designs realme Buds Q with a full curved body and an unprecedented anthropomorphic shape that is beautiful, comfortable and ergonomic. With PC + ABS polymer composite material, streamlined internal structure, single buds only weights 3.6g. The frosted textured surface achieves a sense of luxury.

  • 南京汤山国家地质公园博物馆 Tangshan National Geopark Museum
    汤山国家地质博物馆位于南京以东约30公里方山国家地质公园内,由于汤山镇西的雷公山中的溶洞出土了中国近期最重要的人类学考古发现之一,大约生活于30万年前古人类头骨化石。该博物馆以地质学和人类学为主要展陈内容,也肩负着自然、人文和历史教育普基地的社会责任。 设计概念来源于项目基地,一座依山而立的废弃旧窑厂,挡墙废墟和其后叠嶂起伏的山峦促发建筑形态的生成,借用地貌学的概念,通过一系列人工等高线构筑的抽象人工地貌,尝试复原被砖窑厂所改变的原始地貌。 一系列起伏、流动的线条仿佛从地面生长出来,似乎时间长河中地貌的变迁,碰撞、与挤压凝结成地质化石,建筑视觉形象与以地质和人类学为主题的博物馆的内涵相呼应。人工地貌的形态也构建出多层次的室外景观平台,沿着从地景中上升隆起的坡道犹如攀登一座人工山体,为游客提供了层次丰富的外部空间和与周边自然景色互动的体验。 立面GRC水平构件所形成光影丰富变化的肌理,似乎映射亿万年的地理变化所塑造成的不同地质年代沉积的痕迹。建筑材料承担着人工构筑物与自然环境之间的调节,也是整个地质公园空间场所的时间记忆载体。 室内空间以贯穿四层楼层的中庭为核心,每层中庭洞口的形状不同,相互交叠,从洞口贯穿观察仿佛在探索一个垂直溶洞,打破了常规博物馆的格局,强化竖向人流的引导。 当代博物馆已经不仅局限于展陈的单一功能,而是结合教育,旅游,休闲,聚会等全方位体验的新型复合功能的公共空间,成为承担社会功能建筑的最佳诠释。 Museums are the cathedrals of our secular times, and in Tangshn a showcase was commissioned by local authorities to celebrate the discovery of two early human skulls. In China today, surviving fragments of ancient times are eagerly exploited for their tourist potential, and the Fangshan Geopark National Museum is a product of the drive to bring culture to the masses. A more spacious and accessible site was carefully chosen to give an great opportunity for the success of the project. The location is one of great natural beauty, an hour’s drive from the provincial capital of Nanjing. Mountains conceal a nearby town and the hotels that are clustered around hot springs. It is also near the cave where the bones of homo erectus Nankinensis were found, and a scattering of bright stones that (according to local legend) cascaded from the sky. The program called for an archeological and historical museum, with twin theaters, research facilities and a playground for children. A five-level building was created that seems to grow organically from the slope, its sweeping curves extending the natural topography of the site and the mountains beyond. The fa?ade was to have been clad in locally quarried stone, but this was deemed too expensive, and fiberglass reinforced concrete panels were used to achieve a similar look. Windows are screened with a metal brise soleil, and the display areas occupy the front of the building, with service areas to the rear. The client asked that the lecture theater be given a prominent position, and this is contained within a concrete blob in Decq’s trademark red, emerging from the fa?ade. The interior of the museum offers a thrilling architectural promenade that flows around a vertiginous, skylit atrium and the result is very fluid. One could liken the experience to a stream flowing between rocks, in continuous fluid motion.

    品牌希望通过借由寓意深刻的设计触动用户一同探索美和重新认识每日摄入的食物,将珍贵的卡路里留给自然的营养和值得的美味。产品外包装盒模拟从云端俯看大地的视角,外层采用磨砂PP盒设计展现云层的若隐若现。透过外盒可以隐约看到一瓶瓶被刻画上了生机的植物。每一瓶代餐粉的瓶身都采用手绘的方式描绘与产品口味、成分相关联的植物,细节的放大将植物向上而美丽的生命力体现得淋漓尽致,瓶内的内容物则像是象征滋养生命的营养元素。这一系列的设计不仅将品牌的主张通过结构化设计凸显出来,同时也赋予了代餐粉更具特别的意义。 The brand hopes to inspire users to explore beauty and re-recognize the daily food through the profound design, leaving precious calories to natural nutrition and worthy delicacy.The product packaging box simulates the perspective of looking at the ground from the cloud, and the outer layer uses a frosted PP box design to show the looming clouds. Through the outer box, you can vaguely see a bottle of bottle depicting a living plant.Each bottle of meal replacement powder uses hand-painted methods to depict plants related to product taste and ingredients. The magnification of details reflects the upward and beautiful vitality of plants. The contents of the bottle seem to symbolize nourishing life Nutritional elements. This series of design not only highlights the brand's claims through structured design, but also gives meal replacement powder a more special meaning.

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