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QCY HT03的设计灵感来源于暗夜星空,充分阐释了自然与科技的完美结合和曲线之柔美。采用独特流线设计,流畅曲线贴合手掌,做到舒适性、识别性与美观性共存;将鹅卵石的设计融入充电仓中,机身小巧,盈盈一握。耳机采用PC与ABS材料,表面灵动的珠光及镜面工艺使之呈现晶莹剔透、珠光点点的效果。

Inspired by the starry night, QCY HT03 fully explains a perfect combination of nature and technology and the beauty of curves. It features a unique, streamline design, smooth lines to fit your palm, allowing comfort, recognition and beauty to coexist; The charging case taking its shape from pebble gives you a light and silky hand feel. It is made of PC and ABS material, coupled with pearlescent and mirror process to present crystal clear and pearlescent effect.