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成都融创水雪乐园综合体 Chengdu Sunac Water and Snow Park complex



The completion of the Chengdu Sunac Water and Snow Park complex has left a piece of ice and snow forever in a city called Dujiangyan in the south, condensing into a "miracle" that is not melted by the seasons.

The overall design concept uses "Kangzang Xiangyun" as the imagery, absorbing the momentum of moving clouds and flowing water, and combining the elements of Sichuan opera facial makeup to create a modern image. The design refines and abstracts the intent of auspicious clouds, reappears and sublimates the "rising", "carrying", "turning" and "combining" of "auspicious clouds", fully expressing the smooth and smooth form of natural clouds and water, and the unpredictable feeling . The design of the building's fa?ade also borrows the expression technique of Sichuan opera facial makeup. As an artistic gem created and passed down by Sichuan opera artists of the past generations, facial makeup is deeply rooted in the soil of the Bashu culture with a long history, and is a representative cultural element of Sichuan. Typical facial makeup pens such as bending and rewinding seem to be an understatement in architecture, but in fact they carefully consider the layout to achieve a harmonious and beautiful effect.