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MF和谐的多彩森林 MF Harmonious Colorful Forest







MF latex paint experience hall project, the designer takes colorful forest as the creative theme, and explains the harmonious scene between product and human and nature with the minimalist design concept, which not only binds the core meaning of environmental protection to the end, but also integrates the colorful attributes of the product into it.

The core area of this case design is the dusk forest created by the secondary use of PVC pipe. The latex paint coating puts on the green coat for THE PVC pipe. While painting the forest background color, it also highlights the adhesion of the product.

The aluminum honeycomb panels are designed to be color cards with a gradient of color and hang from the ceiling, like a giant pipe hanging in the sky. The night wind blows through the forest, and nature becomes the player.

The floating tea table is another finishing touch in the forest. The shock of the waterfall falling from the sky adds a lot of styling points to this integrated design.

In the gray and white art geometry space, the leisure area constructed by the lazy sofa and circular carpet creates a kind of meditation and zen, where people and the environment reach the maximum harmony.