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高端全屋定制品牌—筑木良造logo设计 advanced Whole house —customizationzhumuliangzao logo design

Logo design concept: good workmanship, conscience and quality
The main figure of the logo takes the word "good" as the creative source. The first short horizontal represents the quality of conscience and good craftsmanship. The three horizontal strokes are identical to the lower part of the word "good", which is specially processed into a vertical overturned one“ ?” Symbol, meaning one in a hundred, the most correct choice. The whole logo expresses the original intention and commitment of Zhumu liangzao people to always adhere to making good products with conscience.
The short horizontal of this sign can also represent the innovative spirit, implying that Zhumu liangzaoren will always adhere to the continuous innovative spirit and lead the new trend of high-end whole house furniture customization.
The three strokes in the middle are the qiangua in the book of changes, representing the brand Tianxingjian and the active and enterprising spirit of a gentleman.
The whole logo is a minimalist style design, which succinctly and effectively expresses the confidence and commitment of jianmuliangzao to home quality. The light luxury style of the logo also shows the feeling of high-end customized home, exquisite and noble.