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归隐于院子 Hidden in the yard
这是位于中国西部城市——重庆南山之巅的一个中式院子;业主找到设计团队,希望通过设计打造一个与自然和谐共处的现代院落;同时满足男主人爱好安静,断舍离,禅修的生活方式并能够与家人和睦生活在一起 中国传统四合院建筑,四面房间围绕中庭天井的方式,每个房间只能单面采光,而且开窗很小,导致采光通风都不好,不符合现代人的居住需求。在本案中,设计师将多处面向院子内庭的窗户极致化扩大,使得室内光线更好,室内随处可以与自然对话;并且设计了一个横穿院子的半封闭的廊桥,使得主人可以在任何天气情况下自由通达前后院的室内空间,增设回廊这样的半户外空间,使得主人可以更好的亲近自然,使得这处中式院子更符合现代人的生活方式 家中男主人爱好礼佛,禅修,故而设计师将前院的单层建筑主要作为男主人的修养空间,大面积留白,空灵安静,大厅除了玄关,只放置了一架钢琴和对着落地窗的休闲躺椅。另单独设置了一间禅修室,有传统的木梁,横向的窗外竹影斑驳,是一个和心灵对话的独处空间;而父母孩子的家庭生活则安放在后院的两层小楼里,一楼专设了家人交流娱乐的家庭厅,多间卧室都可以随处看到院子中庭的美景;前院的静区和后院的生活区,通过中庭的院子来链接,而且处于中间位置的厨房和餐厅,一家人一起吃饭,聊天,天气晴朗时在院子中的大桌子处还可以和朋友聚餐,使得这个院子,可静可动,实现了主人对家的所有期待! 此套院子的花园,经过精心设计,中西合璧,多处运用圆形元素,与方正的四合院相得益彰。家中的陈列少而精,少数的老家具是业主父辈流传下来的,被设计师安放在合适的空间,软装也是精简而克制,营造出一种安静,大隐隐于世的空间氛围。 这是一个家,更是一个修养身心的自然院子。 This is a Chinese-style courtyard located at the top of Nanshan Mountain in Chongqing, a city in western China; the owner found a design team, hoping to create a modern courtyard in harmony with nature through the design; at the same time, it satisfies the male owner's hobby of quiet, resignation, and meditation life Way and able to live in harmony with family In the traditional Chinese courtyard building, the four-sided rooms surround the atrium patio. Each room can only be lighted on one side, and the windows are small, resulting in poor lighting and ventilation, which does not meet the living needs of modern people. In this case, the designer maximized the expansion of multiple windows facing the inner courtyard of the courtyard to make the interior light better, and the interior can communicate with nature everywhere; and designed a semi-enclosed bridge across the courtyard, so that the owner can Under weather conditions, the indoor space of the front and rear yards can be freely accessed. The addition of a semi-outdoor space such as a cloister allows the owner to get closer to nature, making this Chinese-style yard more in line with modern lifestyles The male owner of the family likes to worship Buddha and meditation. Therefore, the designer used the single-story building in the front yard as a cultivation space for the male owner. The large area was left blank, and it was ethereal and quiet. In addition to the entrance, the hall only placed a piano and facing the French windows. Leisure lounge chair. There is also a separate meditation room with traditional wooden beams and mottled bamboo shadows outside the horizontal windows. It is a solitary space for dialogue with the soul; while the family life of parents and children is placed in a two-story building in the backyard. The building has a family room for family communication and entertainment. Many bedrooms can see the beautiful view of the courtyard atrium; the quiet area of ??the front yard and the living area of ??the backyard are connected by the courtyard of the atrium, and the kitchen and dining room are located in the middle. , The family eats together, chats, and when the weather is fine, you can also have a meal with friends at the big table in the yard. This makes the yard static and movable, fulfilling all the expectations of the owner for home! The garden of this yard has been carefully designed, combining Chinese and Western styles, and circular elements are used in many places to complement the square courtyard. The display in the home is small and sophisticated. A few old furniture is passed down by the owner’s father’s generation and placed in a suitable space by the designer. The soft furnishings are also streamlined and restrained, creating a quiet and hidden space atmosphere. This is a home, but also a natural yard to cultivate the body and mind.