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该作品是一家以窑洞为设计灵感的汽车饰品专卖店,位于长沙市的德思勤城市广场。就如同四千多年前窑洞与人们的共生关系一般,如今汽车也逐渐成为生活中的必需品。该作品的空间设计采用了黄土高原窑洞的建筑形式,整体以厚实、质朴的黄土色为主基调,充满了浑厚的历史感。中间隔断墙则采用现代彩色夯土墙,以还原淳朴的生态质感,平衡空间的色彩基调,增强空间的氛围特性。而墙体壁龛式的设计灵感来源于山西的云岗石窟,把供奉着石佛的窟龛造型应用到室内空间,对产品进行逐一展示。每一处的壁龛内都放置着精美的汽车饰品,饰品在粗糙夯土墙的反衬、和顶部灯光的聚焦下,向人们呈现了它们特有的现代质感。此外,设计师改良了窑洞顶上悬挑梁的设计,将现代化新型钢丝灯带融入其中,让纯白色的穹顶结构拥有了明暗交替的变化,为整个店内空间更增几分层次感。大门则采用了古代马车的拱形车篷造型;而窑洞本身承载着厚重、悠久的黄土文化,汽车饰品是现代工业科技产物,所以这个空间体现的更是一种传统与现代的结合、黄土文化与现代工业文化的融合。 The work, inspired by caves, is a car accessories store located in Taskin City Plaza, Changsha. Just like the cave-human symbiosis over four thousand years ago, cars evolve as a necessity of life nowadays. Based on the architectural form of caves on the loess plateau, the work’s space design features thick and rustic loess color as the dominant hue, lending a touch of profound history. A modern colored loam wall serves as the middle partition to restore a simple ecological sense and reconcile the space color palettes, thus highlighting the space atmosphere. The wall niches are inspired by the Yungang Grottoes in Shanxi province, and the niche-shaped stands, once dedicated to enshrining Buddhas, are now applied to the interior space to display the exquisite car accessories one by one, which take on a unique modern look against the rough earth walls amid the light at the top. Besides, the design of the cantilever beams on the cave’s ceiling has been improved by integrating modern steel wire light strips, giving a shading alteration to the pure white dome structure and rendering a sense of layering to the interior space. The entrance door is shaped like an arched hood seen in ancient carriages. With the cave, which is heavily tinged with profoundness and antiquity of loess culture, and the car accessories coming as a result of modern industrial technology, space embodies more of the fusion of tradition and modernity, as well as the loess culture and the modern industrial culture.