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“积算”是一款拥有“加减乘除”算法的模块化益智玩具。三岁至九岁是宝宝认知能力的快速发育期,大量接收色彩、数字、空间等信息。这时给予孩子适当的启蒙输入,能极大引导孩子大脑逻辑思维的形成。“积算”是在传统积木的形式基础上,内设四块NFC算法模块,分别是两块数字模块+算法模块+显示模块。当一组模块正确贴近时,显示模块会显示相应算法的答案,并且播放答案的提示音,根据儿童理解能力的水平,适当增减模块数量,从而调整算法的难易程度。让孩子快乐的学习与成长,在玩耍中启蒙未来~ 儿童乐于在玩耍中吸取知识,枯燥的教学让孩子难以快速接受。积算是一款玩耍与学习相结合的启蒙玩具,传统积木只是数字符号的简单组合,缺乏信息反馈。积算的优势在于更好的结合了“积木形式”与“算数逻辑”,并且在显示模块中搭配声音播放反馈信息,积木更有趣,孩子注意力更集中。 "Smartbox" is a modular educational toy with basic math algorithm for Children, 3-9 year-old is they rapid development period of cognitive ability, they receive a large number of color, number, space and other information. At this time, giving children appropriate enlightenment input can greatly develop and guide they logical thinking. "Smartbox" is based on the form of traditional building blocks, with four NFC algorithm modules, which are two digital modules + algorithm modules + display modules. When a group of modules get close to the others correctly, the display module will display the answer of the corresponding algorithm, and play the prompt tone of the answer. According to the level of kids’ understanding ability, the number of modules should be appropriately increased or decreased, so as to adjust the difficulty of the algorithm. Let children learn and grow happily and enlighten the future in playing~ Children are willing to absorb knowledge with playing, boring teaching makes they acceptation more difficult and slower. The traditional building block is a simple combination of numbers and symbols and lack of feedback information (the correct answer). The advantage of Smartbox lies in a better combination of "building block form" and "arithmetic logic", and in the display module with sound to play the answer, the reason to make the building blocks are more interesting and children's attention is more focused.