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玫瑰喷泉The rose fountain
上海梵誓创意设计有限公司ONESWEARDesign Co.,Ltd.
玫瑰喷泉突破了以往钻戒平面与静态的设计惯例,让钻戒所有角度都成为审美焦点,这与传统的钻戒有很大的区别。我们以创意设计发现珠宝的无限可能,也以此向新时代女性传达敢于不同、敢为人先的独立精神。 旋转弧度不仅仅外观优美,在建筑设计与工业设计中应用很常见,但我们在珠宝设计中创新借鉴了建筑学原理,采用旋转镶嵌工艺展现喷泉水柱旋转而上的柔美感和92%高进光折射率,使得钻戒弧形动线优美并且兼顾增加钻石的闪耀。 与同类作品相比,采用独特镂空结构,弥补了以往钻戒设计中对钻石侧面与底部光线效果的忽视,使得光线可以穿越台座缝隙,使得钻戒无论在何种角度下,看起来都更为通透与闪耀;戒指内壁采用符合人体工学的Smile Arc弧度,使得戒指佩戴起来更为舒适。 The rotation curve is not only beautiful in appearance, but also common in architectural design and industrial design. However, in our innovation of jewelry design, we have learned from architectural principles and adopted the rotating Mosaic process to show the soft feeling of the water column of fountain and 92% high refractive index of light, which make the arc moving line of diamond ring more beautiful and increase the sparkle of diamond. The rose fountain breaks through the previous design conventions of flat and static diamond ring and makes all angles of the diamond ring become the aesthetic focus, which is very different from the traditional diamond ring. Through creative design, we discover the infinite possibilities of jewelry, and thus convey the independent spirit of daring to be different and pioneering to women in the new era. Compared with similar works, the unique hollow structure makes up for the neglect of the light effect on the side and bottom of the diamond in the previous diamond design, and enables the light to pass through the gap of the pedestal to make the diamond ring look more transparent and shining no matter at what Angle. The inside of the ring uses an ergonomic Smile Arc radian and this makes the ring more comfortable to wear.