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基于“跨界”概念,集合时下彩妆流行色彩,及环保彩妆理念(更少的包装,更丰富的产品,资源与成本的节约)打造的彩妆魔法书套装,可根据实际需求,随心组合彩妆盘,并辅以彩妆搭配指南,使之成为一本即可使用,又可阅读的彩妆“魔法书”。 Based on the concept of "cross-border", the makeup magic book set is based on the collection of popular colors of makeup and the concept of environmentally friendly makeup (less packaging, richer products, resource and cost saving). The makeup palette can be combined according to actual needs. , And supplemented by a makeup matching guide, making it a ready-to-use and readable makeup "magic book". 一套多妆容,您可选择更多。A set of multiple makeup, you can choose more.