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南京锦绣和樾 Nanjing Jinxiuheyue
大华南京锦绣和樾 Dahua Nanjing Jinxiuheyue
南京市浦口区建区始于民国二十二年(1933年),源于民国时期的第八区,因浦口城(浦子口城)位于境内,故名浦口区。有着7000多年的文明史,孕育了多样而又独特的地方文化。 关于南京的记忆 水之源 生生不息 秦淮河畔 炊烟袅袅 孕育文化 金陵山水 于天地之间 构成灵奇 本案以水为势 结合东方艺术当代性 从空间维度诠释南京这座城市的独特气质 本次设计以叠山理水·游不尽为主题进行设计 Pukou District, Nanjing, was founded in 1933 as the eighth district of the Republic of China, and was named Pukou District because the city of Pukou (Puzikou City) was located within its borders with a history of more than 7,000 years of civilization, giving birth to a diverse and unique local culture. Memories of Nanjing. Water is the source of all life. The curl of the Qinhuai River, where cooked food nurtures culture. Jinling's mountains and rivers form a spiritual wonder between heaven and earth. This project uses water as its potential and combines oriental art with modernity. Interpreting the unique character of Nanjing city from the dimension of space. The design was based on the idea of the mountainous terrain - the endless tour. Designing for the theme.