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布谷-蓝牙音箱/BooGoo-Bluetooth Speaker
深圳市探索家工业设计有限公司/Shenzhen explore home Industrial Design Co., Ltd
布谷,拥有另一种开关方式的交互型蓝牙音箱。“布谷”是亚洲的一种音色悦耳的鸟类,产品在外观和系统提示音上与“布谷BuGoo”相关联。利用“光圈结构”旋转调节音量大小,布谷的嘴张得越大,音量就越大噢!在你需要安静时,它闭口不言,在你需要音乐时,它放声歌唱! Boogoo, an interactive Bluetooth speaker with a special switching mode. "Boogoo" is a kind of bird with pleasant timbre in Asia (CUCKOO). The product is associated with "BOOGOO BOOGOO" in appearance and system prompt tone. The "aperture structure" can be used to rotate and adjust the volume. The bigger Boogoo's mouth is, the higher the volume will be played! Boogoo is a friend who will be silent whenever you need a quite space, but whenever you need music, Boogoo sings!