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ZERO BLUE是一个成立于意大利都灵集视觉/ 策划/摄影/视频/文创的年轻品牌,品牌主理人将传统手工艺改良后用现代语言与当代年轻人对话,并设计出一系列延伸品的新型创意性内容.手机壳内容灵感来源于身边朋友对于好玩有趣内容的喜爱和对独特性产品的消费趋势.比如,咸鱼翻身和具象的产品视觉感受,独特审美好玩有趣,符合当下千禧年代的创新. Zero blue is a young brand founded in Turin, Italy, which integrates vision / planning / Photography / video / cultural innovation. The brand manager improves traditional handicrafts and uses modern language to talk with contemporary young people, And design a series of new creative content of extension products. The content of mobile phone shell is inspired by the love of friends around for fun and interesting content and the consumption trend of unique products. For example, the visual experience of saltfish turning over and concrete products, unique aesthetic fun and interesting, in line with the innovation of the current millennium.