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天津碧桂园中骏天寰售楼处 Tianjin Country Garden Zhongjuntianhuan Sales Center
天津碧桂园 Tianjin Country Garden
对于任何商业空间,服务和独一无二的体验才是真正的魅力所在。每一位光临于此的客人都会被扑面而来的白色陶醉,细腻的情感被唤醒,沉浸在家的未来畅想中。 700平米的开敞空间用建筑师的结构化思维进行功能分区。优美的弧形拱门演绎着空间的秩序美感,向上拉伸的形态饱含生长的动势,配以金属镂空材质,隐约、朦胧间透着东方的诗意。层层叠叠的白色在墙面、地面、顶面铺展,用不同的材质、色差进行组合,统一而不失变化,既是主角又是背景。镂空的拱门似一抹灵动的白,时而流动,时而停顿,牵引着了解-洽谈-参观-签约的空间叙事,客人在步履前行中找到了心之归属。 White, utterly distinct from chaos, is the ultimate expression of holiness and purity. The world is inundated with myriads of colors, and thus our eyes sometimes need to take a rest from the excess. The designer tries to create such a spiritual space where the heart becomes clear and the yearning for home arises. For any business space, service and unique customer experience are the real charm. Every guest who pay visits to the sales center will be mesmerized by the pervasive white and their delicate feelings, especially the imagination for their future home, will be awakened. The 700 square-meter open space is functionally partitioned by the architect from the structural perspective. The gracefully curved arches give expression to the beauty of order, the upwardly stretched form symbolizes growth momentum, and the openwork metal screens attach an oriental poetic ambience to the space. Spreading on the wall, the floor and the roof, white is ubiquitous with a variety of texture and shades. The space thus appears unifying but never monotonous, and white is both the protagonist and the background. The openwork archway looks like a white brushstroke, sometimes flowing while sometimes pausing, leading the space narrative of visitors: (guests) getting to know the property, negotiating, shown around and signing the contract. Guests, in this narrating process, gradually find their dreamt home.