IAI室内奖-金奖 Interior Award-Gold Award

项目名称:W-house极简私宅设计 / W-house Minimalist Private Home Design


张英琦 / Zhang Yingqi 中国 / China





而极简倾向的表情下,是设计师对融合中西生活方式空间的探索。150 ㎡的空间里,不仅有兼容中西的餐厨空间,有寓教于乐的客厅空间,更有半开放书房、一体式地台床、飘窗阅读区、步入式衣帽间等新的都市家庭生活方式。





Makingwarm, minimalist, and poetic design.MukaArchitects was established in 2017 by a domestic exquisite design team,adhering to its own unique minimalist aesthetics of integration of East andWest. Its business covers interior design of homes, hotels, and homestays andimprovement ofThepower of reduction - Whouse minimalist private home designThis isa landscape private home designed for a family of three. Because it is a typeof apartment developed more than ten years ago, this house not only has a largenumber of complex shear walls, but also the outward wall and the outer windowcause some furniture placement and visual error problems in the interior space.For the characteristics of the house and the real life needs of the owner, wewill arrange the space into two special relationships similar to the half-set,and adjust the moving line to the smooth "W" type. And use the baywindow as much as possible to solve the layout and visual problems.

St.Exupery said, "Designers know that their work is not perfect when it isperfect, but it is impossible to cut it down." This is also the idea whenwe are doing this space. It is as restrained as possible to present a smallrepresentational decoration, a different kind of clean living experiencecreated by space, material, and light, or a purified inner philosophical experience.

Underthe skin of the minimalist mansion, it is the designer's exploration of thefusion of Chinese and Western lifestylespaces.In the 150 m2 space, there is not only a kitchen space compatible with Chineseand Western cuisine, but also a living room with fun and education. There arealso new urban homes such as a semi-

open study room, an integrated floor bed, abay window reading area, and a walk-in closet. lifestyle.

Thedesign of the study room for children's room reflects the owner's advocacy ofthe western education concept: the children's room does not do too much design,but reserves the space for independent activities, choices and imagination forthe children; the study room and the children's room share a"communication window", but the control of the private blinds is inthe hands of the children, reflecting the respect for children's autonomy andprivacy.

The mainwall of the living room uses two materials with strong contrast conflicts: thecentral OSB is used as the open bookcase and the suspended low cabinet, and theblack titanium brushed stainless steel is used as the audio-visual storagecabinet on both sides. The entire storage wall is divided into four, throughtwo custom-made sliding doors, the two living room atmospheres of the bookshelftheme and audio-visual theme are switched. This photo also demonstrates theopening of a folded laser projector platform and a hidden electric screen.

Theferrous metal straight line is an important element of this design. The “point”, “line” and “face” of the ferrous metal line arecompared with the wall covered by the birch veneer, the reading bay window, andthe “body” represented by the sofa and the cabinet.Form a good level and contrast.

Overall,the warm and warm texture is relatively close to the surface of the ground andthe body that needs to be relaxed, and the cool and hard lines are close to thetop and the place where the visual stops. This not only achieves physicalrelaxation and security, but also takes care of the refreshing and sensation ofvision.