IAI建筑奖-最佳设计大奖 Best Architecture Award

项目名称:汤山御景伴山园温泉度假酒店 / Tangshan Imperial Scenery Hillside Hot-Spring


邱立岗 / 中国 LIGANG QIU / China









Locatedin the east suburb of Nanjing, Tangshan as a national tourist resort is famousfor its recuperative natural hot spring. Our project Nanjing Tangshan, Imperial Scenery Hillside Hot Spring Resort is situated in the mountain area of Tangshan, which includes a clubhouse that provides various sized dining halls, conference rooms, hot springbaths, other recreational facilities and three guest villas that provideaccommodation service for the visitors.

Thesite is very sensitive due to its mountain forest surroundings. The heavytimber structure was chosen in order to minimize the construction impact on thescenery site. Aestheticallywood material harmonizes the artificialstructure with the beautiful mountain landscape, and fits the best for theproject function as a leisure resort. Moreover, quick and clean constructionprocess of wood structure also complied the clients request of a tight construction schedule and easy transportation to thehillside project site.

Inorder to minimize the construction impact on site, the buildings sites were carefully inspected and chosen. The sites of the club houseand three guest villas were selected on relatively flat contour area of thesloping hillside and facing the downside of the mountain. This gives anopportunity to orientate these buildings to obtain the maximize scenery view ofsurrounding environment.

Theclub house is organized around the central courtyard which creates an enclosedand serene atmosphere for the visiting guests. The public circulation which islocated around the perimeter of the courtyard provides constant changingviewpoints when people stroll around these areas. Within the courtyard, acovered outdoor terrace is provided for dining, party and leisure activities.And program functions such as conference rooms, dining halls are arrangedalongside the circulation corridor.

Thebutterfly-like and dynamically overlapped roofscape echoes the surroundingnatural environment. The energetic gestures of building composition are notpassively subordinated to the surrounding natural landscape, but to create aninteractive dialogue between man-maid structure and natural settings.

Thehovering roofs of the villas allow the two guest bedroom wings spread outtoward panoramic view of downhill side. The two floating guest rooms whichprotrude into the landscape maximize the interactive exchange between indoorand outdoor environment.

Thepoetic tectonic expression of the timber frame structure becomes the theme ofthe exterior design concept. The shooting cantilever eave strengthened by theseextended exposed timber beams at portico presents a powerful image of woodmaterial; the sectional characteristic elevations strongly express the clarityof timber construction, and the joint details of beams and columns connectionshow the exquisite quality of the contemporary wood craftsmanship.

Theoutdoor terraces also provide a buffer zone between interior and exterior andallow the guests to enjoy panoramic scenery. The balustrade was made by steelplate and natural bamboo, fusing the industrial materials and hand-madeproducts together.  

Exposedwood structural members, such as beams, purlins, rafters, and columns establishthe main interior feature, together with marble floor, cultural stone walls,sandblasted glass partitions and red cedar siding walls orchestra enrich theinterior experience.

Whenthis resort facility finally completed and opened in operation in January 2018,it instantly becomes one of the most popular hospitality facilities within theTangshan tourist area.